Fall-Halloween Children’s Books

  The month of October is sliding by quickly and it is time to post a list of Fall-Halloween  Children’s Books in celebration of #Fall-Halloween Cyber Party 2016. Children love seasonal books. I realized this with my own children and … Continued

The Adult Coloring Rage

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  The adult coloring rage is happening now.  Have you heard about it? As long as I can remember coloring books have been a popular activity for children. Almost every child I have ever known loves to color and a … Continued

Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes For Kids

Yikes! Less than two weeks until Halloween, how about some do it yourself Halloween costumes for kids? Although most any large retail store sells pre-made Halloween costumes, but it is always more fun and less expensive to make them yourself. The … Continued

Halloween Cyber Party 2014

These are some of the activities and blog posts and illustrations from last years Halloween Cyber Party 2014.  Please contact me by leaving a comment  on the form below for information.     Halloween Cyber Party 2014 Free Halloween Apps  … Continued

Kids Sculpture Art With Recyclables

            Summer has arrived, but now the question is how to keep the kids busy and occupy their time. A great project to encourage kids to use their creativity is to use recyclables to make … Continued

Homemade Clay For Kids

    Kids are fascinated to work with clay, but if it is not available it is easy make homemade clay for kids.  Although natural clay from the earth is preferred in most cases, there are many advantages to making … Continued

Make An Earth- Kids Earth Day Activity

  I love Earth Day and one of my favorite and art students  favorite projects was Make An Earth  – Kids Earth Day Activity .  Encouraging recognition of the this special day encourages children to respect not only our earth but … Continued

Halloween Card Maker App Review

  Making cards has always been fun for me so I wanted to share this Halloween Card Maker App Review.  I found it in the Apple App Store and love that it is free.  It offers choices of graphics, backgrounds, … Continued

Todo Math App Review

As a retired teacher, I can say that I never thought that learning math could be so much fun for kids as I observed for the Todo Math App Review.  When I taught first grade, all the teachers knew the … Continued

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